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Shizen: Earthscapes is your portal to never-ending video scenes of natures beauty from space. Just turn it on, kick back and watch some of the most amazing footage as captured by NASA and the International Space Station. Choose from various breathtaking scenes of our beautiful earth. Stay there as long as you like, while you work, while you play. It’s the perfect antidote to the challenges of modern life.

Shizen Earthscapes includes ten scenes and one purchase enables use across all your iOS devices. This is the fifth in the series of Shizen apps to transport you to all sorts of amazing locales on earth and above. Look for the many other Shizen offerings available in the app store.


At a glance:

  • High-definition immersive videos with stereo sound
  • Ten unique flowerscape scenes
  • Ability to switch between letterbox and full-screen
  • Great for meditating, creative inspiration, during chores, or while entertaining

The videos were shot in ultra high definition from aboard the International Space Station. They look incredible on the iPad and iPhone, and are truly amazing on a retina display.

The videos are professionally shot in high definition with stereo sound. They look fantastic on the iPad and iPhone, and are truly amazing on a retina display.

From the makers of the popular OS X App My Living Desktop, with over 100,000 users.